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Sell your art in shares & save time and money

Selling your art directly offers numerous advantages over selling through an art gallery, from home, or from your atelier.

In JUNE 2024 NO LISTING FEE, so totally free without any risk!

sell art in fractionalised shares

An Additional Sales Channel

You can continue selling through traditional methods like art galleries or from your home. Selling art shares doesn't prevent you from using other sales avenues! Read more here.

Start Selling Today

Listing your artwork or collectible will take no more than 24 hours. Read more here

Increase Your Earnings

If the price of your piece rises on the DEX (i.e., share price), the overall value of your artwork increases! We have seen some pieces appreciate by more than 100% in a year!

Start Making Money Immediately

Once your art shares are listed, you will be paid within 24 hours for any shares sold.

This can happen every working day!

Reduce Marketing Costs

Your artwork or collectible will be promoted by Art-dex (or FNFTEX). We reach out to nearly 100,000 interested people daily.

Lower Sales Costs

Traditional art galleries charge a commission of at least 15%, with 40% or more being common. At Art-dex, the commission is just 1.5%, and only on shares actually sold. Read more here

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