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Breitner: Rediscovery of a Primal Artist

**Breitner: Rediscovery of a Primal Artist**

Singer Museum, Laren, The Netherlands, May 15 - Sep 8 2024

Booking a timed ticket is mandatory.

George Hendrik Breitner (1857 – 1923) is one of the most significant Dutch artists of the late 19th century. In recent decades, his work has been primarily highlighted through his urban subjects and photography. This focus earned him nicknames such as "the painter of Amsterdam" and "Dutch impressionist." However, this limited perspective has caused us to overlook Breitner's exceptional artistic talents. Guest curator Suzanne Veldink, in the first monographic retrospective since 1994, revisits Breitner as the primal artist he truly was. Ahead of his time, he embraced the freedom to express his emotions through color and a distinctive, powerful style.

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