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artists do it themselves

In addition to traditional galleries and talent agents, emerging artists now have a plethora of options available. Since the onset of the pandemic, collectors have increasingly turned to purchasing artwork from up-and-coming artists, not only to support the industry but also recognizing the investment potential in contemporary art. These collectors often bypass commercial representation, directly engaging with artists through social media platforms. Furthermore, innovative initiatives like Dropshop, an online platform introduced by Phillips, are revolutionizing the art market by offering limited-edition releases commissioned directly from artists to collectors. Dropshop stands out as a pioneer in several respects, not only as an industry-first model but also by committing to provide resale royalties at a notable rate of 3 percent, a departure from the standard practices of auction houses. The inaugural launch of Dropshop in August 2023 featured a series of 100 bronze inflatable crowns, swiftly selling out, created by Cj Hendry, who cultivated her following primarily through Instagram. This platform's emergence creates unprecedented opportunities for artists who might not fit the traditional gallery representation mold, whether by choice or circumstance. As the art market continues to evolve to meet changing demands and as the gap widens between galleries and artists seeking autonomy, this initial shift in cultural dynamics could signify just the beginning of a broader transformation.

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