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grow your vision
on how to sell art

as well

since long..

Selling Art and collectibles through an art galley is all about a pfysical store and/or a personal relations database.
Selling through an auction house is basically about their database and promotion capacity.

per now..

Art and collectibles now can also be sold also  in shares on an exchange.Similar to a stock exchange the art is sold in shares.


Still sellable in other places

it doesn't exclude selling from an art gallery, auction house or even the artists own atelier.


Much larger market reach

anybody can affort eg. a share in a Picasso for Euro 30. Worldwide, no restrictions. For individuals and serious investors. All are on the Art-Dex.


Large promotion capacity

the Art-Dex daily reaches (June 2024) over 100.000 interested buyers


Low commisions for the seller

and only for the traders, not the listers, you!



once listed (easy as well) all is automated, trading payments and much more


Immediate earnings

Daily 24/7 automatic payments on shares sold.


And the best part....possible higher returns

The price of art and collectibles can vary daily; this means that when share prices go up the value of the art rises. The following shares are sold than offered automatically for that higher price.....

What happens when you list a piece of art or collectible?

Its important to know and understand what will happen once you listed a piece of art or collectible.

New to this? ; read more.

We do all the work; read more.

Once you have completed your application, we will fractionalize your piece.

We will charge a one-time listing fee for this service. Please refer to the price list for details.

the easiest way: book a meeting

the Art-Dex © is a part of the FNFTEX ©

dedicated to Art and collectibles.

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