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some things explained

I am new

When you are new to listing or investing, you will encounter certain words and expressions multiple times. It is beneficial to grasp their meanings without delving into complex and legally precise definitions. Simply understanding what they signify can be helpful.


Anything valuable owned by somebody is considered an asset. Assets on the FNFTEX include tangible items such as paintings, company shares, cars, collectibles, real estate, and more. This category also encompasses shares in companies, funds, and other similar holdings.

and shared, fractionalised assets?

Fractionalised assets are simply an asset ownership split up in more pieces. These pieces are called shares. The most known example are companies who have shares which split the ownership between more parties. The number of shares it is split up is to the original owner or the majority of the shareholders.

so, an example:

Let's consider an asset, such as a painting. This painting has a value of 100 Euros. If the ownership is divided into 10 equal shares, each share is valued at 10 Euros.

Consequently, the painting now has 10 potential owners, though it's possible for someone to own more than one share or even all shares. If someone offers 11 Euros for a share, the value of all shares increases to 11 Euros each. Consequently, the entire painting is then valued at 110 Euros (10 shares at 11 Euros each).

Selling (shared) assets

creating shares

A share serves as proof of ownership of an asset.
That enables it to buy and sell shares

Now, a share (or the collective shares) serves as proof of ownership for a portion of an asset, enabling the actual sale of that asset segment. In essence, the value is determined by the shares' proportion of the total value. For instance, a 10% share of a 100 Euro asset is valued at 10 Euros.

However, what motivates someone to buy such a share? After all, you can't physically display a painting on the wall or assert direct ownership of a company.

great to have shares,
but how to sell them?

A place where you can buy and sell shares is called an (stock, share) exchange.

share value

The share value will determine the assets (total) price again.

Shares are tradable, but the process of creating shares initially may vary. In the case of a company, shares are typically registered either during its formation or issued at a later stage.

However, what about shares associated with a painting? On the FNFTEX, the creation and registration of shares are facilitated. This process can be formalized through notarization or recorded on the blockchain. Essentially, it involves the generation of a document, which could be a simple piece of paper or certificate.

If you intend to sell a share, the buyer typically seeks potential upside; it's viewed as an investment with an expectation of a return.

For a share to be marketable to an investor, there are a few key factors: an increase in the share price or a right associated with the share. Consequently, the share of a lawnmower is likely to be unsellable, but a Picasso would have better prospects. Similarly, the price of a company share can increase, and it may also signify a share in the profits generated by the company.

selling shares

Buying and selling are now carried out on an internet marketplace—a virtual space where buyers and sellers convene. Fundamentally, it resembles an old-fashioned marketplace where you would either display your product on a table with a price label or stroll by to see if there's anything for sale that catches your interest. This act of presenting items on the virtual platform is referred to as "listing" or being "listed."

Old news....

In 1910 the artist Mesdag divided his famous "Panorama Mesdag"; a painting that displayed a fishing harbour and the related village  as 360 degree panorama painting, in 33 shares and gave this (valued each at 1,000 Dutch Guilders ;  value-ing his painting at Dfl 33,000 

Stock certificate

"The bond that the shareholders share is difficult to define. They come from two different families. Nevertheless, they share a common, special, and unique possession." 1910

How is the FNFTEX different

we are a marketplace for ANY asset share.

We offer shares in companies like the Nasdaq or....
But we also offer shares in any other sort assets;
​paintings, real estate, wine, collectables.
If you want a well balanced investment portfolio you need more assets to invest in. The |old| market only knows company shares and precious metals like gold as a safe investment haven.

and what this brings you?

It brings you less fuss, easier access,but with the same security.
Access to the market for less.
More sorts of shares, just all in 1 portfolio.
​Access to markets where you could be the first mover (and make the most)
The opportunity to create you own shares or investment tools!!!

we use the blockchain when needed or wished

You won't believe the system that is in place in the financial markets for payments, clearances, ownership etc.
Just meant to ban any crook from the system...and it is growing and growing. The rules and regulations are actually stopping the system to be operable on a sensible level. It is basically destroying  itself...

The FNFTEX uses normal banks AND crypto; and uses the blockchain or notary for ownership prove. You don't need more than this;

and most of al

  • much lower costs!!

  • Low transaction fees

  • Low listing* fees.,

  • list your self 

(for companies: up to just 1.5% of cost charged eg. the Nasdaq) 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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